In today’s constantly changing retail environment, retail project leasing representatives are more valuable and important than ever. Our project leasing experts use their market knowledge to create tenant mixes that result in increased traffic, cross-shopping, and increased value for the long term. MPG approaches each transaction as one piece of a bigger picture, one element of a client’s overall strategy. To engage that strategy and create a winning outcome, we start by asking questions and actually listen to the answers. Once we have an understanding of the client’s objective, we formulate a plan. Finding the right solution for our client is our top priority. We get creative and think outside the box. We acknowledge when no amount of creativity is going to make an opportunity work and we move on to the next option. Essentially, we take a realistic look at what our Landlord or Tenant client needs are and strive to meet or exceed those goals. MPG is measured by the strength of the relationships we build doing business the right way.

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